Family Birthstone Necklace with Slide Gemstones

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Family Birthstone Necklace, handmade out of sterling silver. Each stone is a 5mm round faceted Birthstone. 
We use lab-created stones and synthetic on these pieces, but we can upgrade to genuine stones for an additional cost. Please feel free to contact us for pricing.

January—Garnet: lab-created
February—Amethyst: lab-created
March—Aquamarine: lab-created
April—Cubic zirconia: lab-created synthetic
May—Emerald: lab-created spinel
June—Alexandrite: lab-created
July—Ruby: lab-created
August—Peridot: lab-created
September—Sapphire: lab-created
October—Tourmaline: lab-created
November—Topaz: lab-created
December—Blue zircon: lab-created


*This Family Birthstone Necklace is made to order - ships within 3-5 business days