About The Jewelry Girls

 We are a family of artisans :) Our jewelry consists of a wide range of handmade sterling silver and gold One-of-a-Kind pieces, as well as lovely classic designs perfect for daily wear. We love making meaningful jewelry that represents something special and offer a nice selection of jewelry that features Birthstones. Every piece is handmade in our home studio, forged/cast/constructed by us. We believe our jewelry to be fun, feminine and unique. We are always trying to educate ourselves with new techniques to broaden our available line of jewelry constantly.

We started this business about 11 years ago, by literally selling all our own jewelry for scrap! If anyone had told us at the time that where that would lead us, I do not think we would have believed them :) My mother and sister are the original creative driving forces behind the business. Eventually, we each had a chance to sit down at the bench and learn how to make jewelry that customers would cherish.

Our name may be "The Jewelry Girls" but rest assured, we have the boys involved too! My father and my brother have joined my mother, sister and I in the creative process of making jewelry. You may even meet them at the art shows we do throughout the year! We all work together as a family, to bring you as much variety and selection as we can.

Thank you so much for your support of our Shop, we are truly passionate about our creations and are excited about sharing our visions with you!

With Gratitude,
The Jewelry Girls