more is more

Suddenly, out of nowhere, stacking has become a “thing” again. And I am here for it! 

Back in high school (the late 90’s early 00’s gasp!), I wore layered necklaces. Bright yellow gold, mostly bought at local pawn shops. A few pieces I had received from my mother. I wore the layers every day. Lots of rings, bangles and multiple piercing moving up the ear. Growing up in Florida, the yellow gold looked great with bronzed skin, and I loved my collection.  

 Then sometime around 2010, someone mentioned that white gold was the thing. I didn’t have white gold or even silver. “Less is more" Remove an accessory before you leave the house. Self-edit. Eventually, I edited away everything. BTW I tend to take things to the extreme, even off suggestions made in passing. As we began making jewelry, I still didn’t jump back in to wearing lots of jewelry. A silly little thing rattling around in my head, kept me from really showing off our creations.   

 Then it hit me, how I had felt as a 20-something, wearing layers of jewelry. Playing with the necklace chain as I chatted with friends or twirled the rings on my fingers as I focused on work. It felt good! The weight and the metal and the sparkle! I freaking loved jewelry, I loved making it and I loved our designs. It’s why we started creating in the first place. More is more! I started layering and stacking immediately.  

  So, open your jewelry boxes and sift through that collection. Find a ring for every finger, heck two for every finger 😉 Get the extra ear piercing, stack bangles next to the completely unnecessary (but oh so pretty!) watch and don’t forget to check the mirror before you leave - then add an accessory before you leave the house.  




The Jewelry Girls