Caring for Your Jewelry

Sterling Silver does tarnish. It is a natural reaction to oxygen on the surface of the metal. This means the piece will need a little cleaning now and then. The good news is, we include a free Sunshine Polishing cloth with every purchase. A quick rub and the metal will shine right up.

Gold Filled can also oxidize, though you may experience it as a green patina. The polishing cloth can be used on these too! Gold filled is more durable that plating, but you still want to be gentle and not use anything abrasive on the metal, as this will buff through the outer layer of gold.

14K Gold does not tarnish, but it can start to look a little dull when oils or liquids dry on the metal. It is a good idea to remove oils and polish the piece to keep it shinning bright.

No matter your lifestyle or type of jewelry, a little daily maintenance can go a long way!

After removing your jewelry for the day, gently remove any makeup and/or oils that can transfer from your skin to your jewelry. Using a clean soft cloth, you can wipe the surface of the piece.  Has it been a hot and sweaty kind of day? It might be a good idea to give the piece a quick rinse in lukewarm water, then use the soft cloth to dry it. To increase the lifespan of your jewelry, it's recommended that you take your jewelry off and store it while you sleep. Doing so will decrease exposure to skin oils and oxygen.

Looking to do a deep clean? Every dozen wears or so, you can soak jewelry in warm water and use a mild dish soap to clean the item. A soft rag or soft bristle toothbrush can remove any debris from the settings or crevices. You can use a dry soft cloth to dry the jewelry and store in a clean dry jewelry box or drawer.

Soft stones like turquoise or pearl should not be soaked. A slightly damp soft cloth or soft bristle toothbrush is the safest method.