About Our Paw Print Jewelry

celebrating our pets

Our pups have been a crucial part of our team since we started making jewelry in 2013. We had two Cocker Spaniels (Sugar and Hershey) and a little Yorkie (Toby). They had their own drawers in the studio with pet beds so they could always be close, cheering us on!  Toby even traveled with us to art shows, our little road mascot, keeping us happy and relaxed. Our connection to home while we drove through the mountains and experienced all the ups and downs that go with RV life.    

Over the years, we lost these precious companions and I experienced one of the first great losses I've had in my life. As amazing as it is, I've been lucky! At 35, all of my close family has been happy and healthy.  I know it's not the same for every person, but losing our dogs affected the whole family, the whole studio has different.   Initially, we talked about a way to remember our beloved pups. I'm a total wimp and I even considered a paw print tattoo! It's still not out of the question (needles are scary) but we wanted something that we could share on a larger scale. And so, our paw print jewelry was created.   

The first rings created were for our collection, with each dog's birthstone. We thought it would be wonderful if others could celebrate their pets in the same way. The collection has grown so that you can add more than one birthstone, for those of us with multiple fur babies      

Our current furry team members Gemma, Bear, and Diesel all have their own inspired pieces now too. We feel that this line, which continues to grow with our family, gives you a way to carry the love for your pet with you every day. 

Kara Kirkpatrick

The Jewelry Girls, Jeweler


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